I was talking about this with a few people a minute ago. I grew up in Texas, and at my high school, you had to OPT OUT of getting switches from the vice-principals. You would either chose between that or detention or whatever. Your parents had to sign a form that it couldn't be an option. » 9/12/14 6:18pm 9/12/14 6:18pm

I'm of two minds w/r/t The Dark Knight Returns. I think it's both an incredibly influential and pivotal work in the world of comics, especially in how we consider portraying Batman, but there's a lot of stuff in it that hasn't aged well especially knowing what we know now about Miller. Around the time of its release,… » 9/11/14 9:09am 9/11/14 9:09am

This is so silly it somehow circles back around to awesome. Totally incongruous, though., but then I get to that cheesy guitar solo and fall in love. It's like he saw Wall-E, heard that (great) Peter Gabriel song in it, and decided, "Hey, I want to make a song for something sci-fi!" » 9/10/14 4:43pm 9/10/14 4:43pm